Chance6 Studios, LLC
Based in Orange, CA

Release Date
Winter 2017


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One


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COLINA: Legacy (CL) is a third-person psychological horror videogame, originally developed by Samurai Games, and later acquired by CHANCE6 Studios. Falling under the genres of psychological horror, indie, adventure and puzzle, CL explores player perspective and achieves complexity while not losing its simplicity, providing an enjoyable, thrilling experience to its players.

Set to last about six hours for the experienced gamer, the CL plot follows a young boy, Alex, as he navigates through a house of horrors while deciphering clues, analyzing puzzles, and engaging in combat. The experience is designed to provoke innovative thinking within the player and help cultivate problem-solving skills. CL was built using UNITY, a top game development platform, and is voice acted in seven languages – Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), French, Spanish, German and English – with subtitles available in 32 languages. Unlike other horror games, CL refrains from the use of explicit gore and violence, while focusing on strong storylines, pacing, and ambience to build and exploit tension.


  • Beautiful, narrative-driven, psychological horror experience.
  • Refined Third Person Perspective character control system created by Steffano (Stiffix) de Moura, author of TPS Aim for Unity.
  • Detailed, hand-crafted environment.
  • Realistic and terrifying characters.
  • Haunting and beautiful soundtrack reminiscent of Akira Yamaoka's masterful works in Silent Hill


Colina: Legacy Teaser 2016 - youtube

Colina: Legacy at the Brazil Game Show (BGS) in 2016 - youtube




About Chance6

Founded in November of 2016, Chance6 brought together a group of indie game developers with over 30 years combined experience. By combining skillsets and resources, a team was developed with not only the ability to produce and develop its own content, but also provide access to knowledge, resources and talent that other developers might need. Whether developing its own games, funding self-starters with a dream, publishing high quality games, or uplifting struggling studios, Chance6 does so with an emphasis on honesty and transparency at every step. For more info on Chance6, visit For updates on the game release and to learn more about COLINA: Legacy, visit