Coming Winter 2017 to PC, Xbox One, and PS4


don't lose control


As Alex awakens in his parents' car, he finds himself alone; he looks at the house looming ahead of him, where his grandmother lives. There's a weird feeling about it, as if something lurks there and watches, cast in shadows, smiling in the dark. Alex makes way to the strange house.


Producer, Game Director / Denis Santos
Creative Director / Lucas Svensson
Lead Programmer / Steffano de Moura
Character Designer / Rodrigo Fujihara
Environment Designer / Joao Ligeiro
Composer / Bernard Machado
Assistant Programmer / Ranyere Trindade



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Colina:Legacy @ Pax East

We were at PAX East 2017; were you?

Huge thanks to our friends at Gag Order Network for the amazing shot of the line around our booth!